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There are what seems like an infinite number of treatments and products available in the hair care sector. It’s a difficult path to follow, ranging from serums and sprays to shampoos and conditioners. But regardless of your hair type, hair maintenance becomes even more challenging when hair dye is involved. If you have color-treated natural hair, you may be asking how to maintain the healthiest possible condition for your hair, preserve its natural texture, and keep the colour you love.

Heres is all u need to know about the care for your recently dyed natural hair.

How to Care for Color-Treated Natural Hair

You want to ensure that your post-color care approach is consistent when caring for color-treated natural hair. Make sure you’re performing treatments to restore both strength and hydration. With the aid of liquid protein and vitamin B5, concentrate on preventing breakage, strengthening, and balancing pH.

1. Wash your hair less frequently

It is that simple: the more you wash, the faster your colour will fade. Therefore, save time by skipping the regular washing and reclaim some of your daily schedules. The easiest approach to maintaining your colour is to wash your hair no more than two or three times per week. When necessary, use dry shampoo to remove oil from the roots.

2.  Make time for masks

It’s time to pick up masking again if you’ve taken a break from it due to a colour break. The super-dose of restorative nourishment that can be added with just 5–10 minutes of masking twice a week will help to repair the damage, boost shine, and naturally keep that colour lasting longer.

3. Change Your Shampoo And Conditioner

Try switching to a color-safe, intensely hydrating shampoo, and conditioner. A formula containing aloe leaf, rose extract, and calendula flower works to moisturise and nurture dry, brittle hair. The shampoo and conditioner are color-safe and don’t include sulfates are safe.

4. Try to Use Less Heat

It would help if you didn’t use high heat on your styling equipment. This is the main cause of damage, especially as the fall and winter silk press seasons begin. Maintain a temperature of 370 degrees maximum.

5. Swim smart

Do you recall the tales about coloured hair becoming a slimy shade of green when exposed to chlorine? Chlorine has the ability to not only alter your color—though clearly not to turn it green—but also to hasten fading. So prepare your hair and pre-condition it if you’re going to the pool. To create a barrier against chemical damage, coat your hair with conditioner and twist it into a bun.

 6. Eat right

Feed your hair from the inside out because condition, like beauty, begins from the inside. Your hair will be nourished with omega-3 fatty acids through a diet high in oily fish like salmon and mackerel, making it strong and lustrous. For a boost of vitamin E and to help prevent dry, brittle hair after colouring, add some walnuts.

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