Hair Breakage

Hair Breakage

In bags of hair breakage, the number of hair that is removed daily increases significantly. It can be limited by eating a healthy diet, limiting cosmetic hair care products.

What Causes Hair Breakage?

Common causes include:

1. Hair care devices

  • We all frequently use blow dryers, flat irons, or curlers. However, it is good to know that all these hair care devices can damage our hair.
  • The heat produced by these devices penetrates the hair shaft, making it more vulnerable and conducive to hair breakage.

2. Cosmetic products

  • Daily use of bleaches, dyes, perms, or curl relaxers will also cause breakage.
  • These cosmetic hair care products contain hydroxide ions and peroxide ions, both of which are harmful to the hair.

3. Hair accessories.

  • Other common causes of breakage are hair accessories. Using bobby pins or elastic bands to style your hair daily will cause them to break.
  • To avoid such a thing, choose loose fit clips or pins instead.
  • Also, it is essential to style hair differently by placing hair accessories in different head areas so that the same hair is not constantly damaged and prone to breakage.

4. Too much toilet

  • Over-grooming your hair is another common cause of breakage. Instead, you should gently massage your hair with shampoo.
  • And conditioner while showering or bathing, and gently and slowly prep your hair to avoid damage.

5. Inappropriate comb

  • If you use a fine-tooth comb, your hair may be damaged and mechanically break. Instead, use a wide, seamless tooth comb.

6. comb hair while it is still wet

  • Though your hair is still wet, you should avoid using brushes or combs.
  • In its place, you should comb your hair with your fingers while still damp to prevent your hair’s damage and breakage.

7. comb the hair into a tight ponytail

  • Everyone, I suppose, like wearing their hair up in a ponytail occasionally.
  • Nevertheless, pulling the hair into a taut ponytail will strain the hairline and eventually break the hair.

8. Pulling the hair constantly

  • One of the common causes is constant hair pulling if you tend to twist your fingers in your hair.
  • It would benefit if you stopped doing it as it will damage your hair, causing more stress on the hair.

9. There are no hairdressers

  • If you are a being who does not go to hairdressing salons very often and with enthusiasm.
  • When necessary, you are skipping regular haircuts to make your hair weak, damaged, and prone to hair breakage.
  • It’s essential to cut your hair regularly so that you can get rid of split ends, creation sure your hair stays healthy and beautiful at the same time.

10. Lose weight

  • If you suddenly lose too much weight in a short period, breakage can occur.
  • Behind more than 15 pounds can lead to hair breakage for several months.
  • However, there is nothing to worry about as your hair health will resolve itself and return to normal in a couple of weeks or months.

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