What could possibly be in store for us in cosmetic trends after a  summer of undereye blush, manga lashes, and statement liner? These makeup trends are defined, ethereal, and dewy. Eye makeup will likely be toned down to softer, more ethereal emotions. On the other side, lips will probably be given a boost with bright colors and matte textures. When sweater weather arrives, you may check out this handy list of the coolest makeup styles, trends, and products.

Blue Eye Makeup 

Deep in the season, blue eye makeup is still experiencing a rebirth. However, the retro color is no longer limited to baby blue. It will be possible to account for all blue hues. Add some color to the inner corners with teal. Instead of using black wings, use blue ones. As many choices as there are hues of blue.

Metallic Blurred Lids 

Metallic eye shadow that is transparent and smeared is another element of fall’s soft, ethereal cosmetic trends. The icy finish looks amazing with dewy skin and complements the current 2022 cosmetic trend. Without a chalky base, the shadows in the Pat McGrath Labs Mothership X: Moonlit Seduction Palette add just the right amount of shine.

Pastel Eyes and Red Lips

The combination of dewy skin, matte purple eye makeup, and powdery-yet-bright red lips even made an appearance on the Blumarine autumn 2022 runway, demonstrating how gorgeous this look is on all skin tones. Use liquid powder eyeshadow and lip paint to test it out.
You can simply substitute another pastel eye shadow for the purple.

Even while pastel colors may appear more appropriate for spring as well as fall. Adding a light or dark red lip color might help make those pastels colder and more seasonally appropriate. to make sure that pastels on your lids look as pigmented as possible. Start by applying a pastel cream base, then finish it off with the appropriate shadow.

Imprecise Eyeliner

Wings have been in style this year and forever. It is also believed that years, softer liner looks will rule. For this sensual, intentionally smudged moment, you’ll need kohl or a creamy eye pencil in your makeup kit.

Dewy + Matte Look

Matte eyes and lips go best with dewy, natural-looking skin. The finish also compliments one another. It gives the appearance a finished, well-thought-out vibe. Lipstick in blood red and lilac shadow are popular makeup choices for the style. You will also be prepared for any event on your calendar by applying some cream blush to your cheeks and grooming your brows.

Burnt Blush makeup

This year, cheeks have been covered in the sunburnt blush trend. Instead than appearing as though you didn’t wear enough SPF to the beach, this trend is more about the hue. To nail this fall makeup look, you’ll want to go for blushes in terracotta, brick, and peachy hues rather than tangerine, rose, and grape. Instead than thinking about new blossoms and fruit, focus more on the changing hues of the leaves. Pick a pigment that blends easily and is true to color.
Add your preferred product to the apples of your cheeks to prevent burnt blush. For the greatest burnt blush look, mix the blush across the bridge of your nose and beneath your eyes. It enhances the color and warmth of your skin.

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