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Actual weight loss will always depend on a healthy diet and regular exercise. But there are some things you can do to naturally speed up your metabolism, burn fat, and aid your body in losing the extra pounds. We recommend few quick strategies to get back into your skinny pants.

Ways To Boost Metabolism and weight loss

1. Drink More Water

This one might seem a little too simple, but recent research shows that drinking water before meals increases weight loss.  People who drink water before meals feel satiated sooner and eat less. In essence, you consume fewer calories without even realising it.

Dehydration can also be treated by consuming more water. Our bodies frequently deceive us into believing we are hungry when we are dehydrated. Before you go for a snack, try drinking a long glass of water first to see if the hunger feeling goes away.

2. Drink Green Tea & Matcha aid in weight loss

Green tea is renowned for its anti-cancer ingredients, but it also works wonders for shedding pounds. Although green tea includes some caffeine, it also contains a ton of antioxidants. Its contains the fat-burning antioxidant ECGC (Epigallocatechin gallate),  a superhero for enhancing fat-burning and boosting metabolism.

3. Fish Oil 

Omega-3 fatty acids are abundant in fish oil. Polyunsaturated fatty acids of the omega-3 variety increase metabolism, balance blood sugar, lessen cravings and protect heart health. Omega-3 fatty acid components DHA and EPA are both efficient at burning off extra body fat.

4. Cut Out Processed Foods

Fillers, GMOs, preservatives, sweeteners, “bad” carbs, trans fats, and empty calories are present in processed foods. We’ll keep eating Salt, sugar, and fat added to processed foods to improve their flavour and lengthen their shelf life.

These foods are high in calories with little nutritional value, which causes weight gain. Limiting your intake of these will help you maintain stable blood sugar and a healthy metabolism. Instead, pick whole-grain foods that are strong in fiber.

5.  Increase Your Protein

Protein is crucial for weight loss, and digestion uses more energy. The concept is known as the “thermic effect of diet” (TEF). It is the power that drives food digestion in our bodies. Processing protein uses more calories than processing the other two foods.

Eating lean meats, eggs, fish, and plant proteins keeps your metabolism active for hours after you eat them.

Protein smoothies also aid in weight loss . They also provide a quick meal on the run and a way to increase energy throughout the day.

6.  Check Your Vitamin D Levels for effective weight loss

Additionally, studies have shown that raising your vitamin D levels while on a low-calorie diet will help you lose weight. More recent studies have discovered that women who were deemed overweight or obese and afterwards decreased weight had higher vitamin D levels.

7.  Eat Breakfast!

Most individuals who have dropped at least 30 pounds and have maintained their weight loss for five years or longer, eat breakfast each day.

Eating breakfast can raise your energy levels, which also contributes to burning more calories throughout the day. We burn calories while we digest food. Later in the day, we also have a tendency to eat less. Eggs and other foods high in protein are good options for breakfast. Eating protein is essential for boosting your metabolism throughout the day and reducing later overeating,

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