Work-Appropriate Halloween Costumes

Work Appropriate Halloween Costumes

Even though your job can often be all work and no play, Halloween isn’t just another workday. Here is an option if you want to dress up and celebrate the holidays but have to work that day. Bring your Halloween attire to work.

You never know! You could be working from home while participating in a costume contest via Zoom, so you’ll need some inspiration.

Though the situation is probably not a good idea to wear the same hot costume to work every year (like the one you wore to college), that doesn’t mean you have to be dull and forgo dressing up. If your office has a dress code, you might require a costume that doubles as business attire.

Unsure of where to begin? Let us assist you in locating one that your boss will enjoy as well.

Costumes to Wear at the Office

Meredith Blake from The Parent Trap

  • Meredith Blake, the iconic ice queen stepmother from The Parent Trap, has made a reappearance courtesy of TikTok. There’s just so much to go back and look at again, from her attire to her take-no-BS attitude and go-getter attitude.

You’ve probably already tried to imitate one of her numerous well-known looks, so why not go all out for Halloween?

Patrizia Reggiani from House of Gucci

  • This year, Lady Gaga’s performance as Patrizia Reggiani from the House of Gucci was a blessing for all of us. And you can guarantee that Patrizia’s unique personality and sense of style will continue to be remembered for years.

Jess Day from New Girl

  • When the show debuted in 2011, Jess won our hearts with her quirky-preppy look and endearingly awkward demeanor. Put together her appearance with a modest dress and a cuddly cardigan in a lively color scheme. Of course, some specifications.

Katherine Johnson from Hidden Figures

  • This Halloween, pay homage to NASA legend and brilliant, boundary-pushing mathematician Katherine Johnson. You may easily recreate the look by applying bright red lipstick, adding her distinctive cat-eye glasses, a plaid dress, or pairing a jacket with a skirt.

Carrie Bradshaw

  • Here you may be as creative as you like with Carrie’s many classic ensembles; this is only one of (so many) possibilities. Of course, the perfect footwear would be a pair of Manolo Blahniks you just so happen to have in your closet.

Anna Delvey from Inventing Anna

  • The newest well-known con artist, Anna Delvey, completely captured the globe’s attention. Or Anna Sorkin, perhaps? Consider recreating one of the scandalous con artist’s “stylist-selected” Halloween costumes if you still can’t get enough of her.

Wednesday Addams from The Addams Family

  • Who else is incredibly eager for the upcoming Wednesday Addams TV series? The well-known figure is dependably a fantastic Halloween persona. Dress in your dark side in her costume of choice that never fails.

Satsuki from Totoro

  • This Totoro costume is simple enough to put together at the last minute.
  • Go as Satsuki, the older sister from the enduring Studio Ghibli film, by putting together her instantly identifiable look from a few essential elements.

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