Smoked Almond, one of MAC's Unsung Heroes.


Smoked Almond MAC – is a dark crimson with a cream finish with moderately warm tones. This lipstick is long-lasting.

Unsung cosmetics heroes are what? It is a permanent collection product that, while frequently overlooked by other cosmetic enthusiasts, consistently rocks my world. For me, it is an overlooked makeup gem.

Smoked Almond MAC - Lipstick

Smoked Almond MAC – Lipstick

It is a soft, medium-dark coral color, emphasizing a satin sheen and warm undertones. It applied smoothly but had semi-opaque pigmentation that split along my lip lines, emphasizing my lip texture. Although it had a heavier, slightly firmer consistency, it melted against my lips just enough during application to prevent dragging. It was lightly moisturizing and wore well for four hours.

This shade used to be offered in the Liptensity formula, which had a glossier, creamier feel and was more pigmented (better quality overall).

When you hear the phrase “smoked almond,” do not attempt to visualize an almond slumped in a doorway, puffing away at a cigarette. If you do, you will wonder: 1) What could have driven an almond to smoke in the first place? Furthermore, 2) why the almond would not have known that smoking was bad for it.

I have been applying a coat of this gorgeously bright rosy, brown lipstick to my lips every day for the past week before my shift at the bakery started, and each time I do so, I make the same statement to myself in the rearview mirror.

smoked almond lipstick

Extreme intensity is what I mean.

Smoked Almond is rich lip color, but despite that, it is not one of those tricky lip products that are so saturated that using them is a hassle and requires a Ph.D. in cosmetic chemistry. Even if you are half asleep and without lip liner, brushes, or a Christmas miracle, you can still apply it freehand directly from the container. The creamy texture of smoke almond virtually melts onto lips as soon as it meets them. There was no dragging at all. Just a gliding motion and a move.

Smoked Almond, which features MAC’s Amplified formula, offers enough hydration to keep my lips happy all day. My lips tend to dry out and nearly scream, “More moisture!” from the rooftops.


M.A.C. Lipstick, which has a high-fashion texture and every subtlety of your favorite color, is designed to shade, define, and highlight the lips. The trademark item is what made M.A.C. well-known. Amped Creme (A): very creamy. Silently shiny Color-packed! High-res: high-impact A creme-based lipstick with a smooth, supple shine and vibrant full color is called Creesheen (C). Frost (F): Great color payoff with medium to high levels of frosted sheen and luster. Demi-sheer fabric with a wet-look glossy finish Extremely smooth. It makes lips appear ultra-moisturized, smooth, and velvety. Matte (M): rich in pigment with a vibrant color payoff. Matte, no-shine finish Satine (S): full of color While incorporating vibrant colors, the semi-matte, soft satin finish conditions.
Please keep in mind that ingredient lists may occasionally change or differ. For the most recent list of components, please refer to the ingredient list on the product packaging you receive.

MAC Strip Down Smoked Almond

We are introducing Strip Down Smoked Almond, a new line of MAC nude lipsticks. Nude reveals every hue of you with the broadest selection of neutral lipsticks, pencils, and lipglosses.

MAC Strip Down Smoked Almond Collection

Explore your skin tone and embrace your many colors to find the perfect nude (or two). You can create several lips looks, from barely there to bold, by selecting a lip wardrobe that reflects what makes you uniquely you.

MAC Strip Down shades on different skin tone

The instantly recognizable product that made M.A.C. well known is M.A.C. Lipstick. With sheer to medium coverage that can be built up, this lightweight solution glides on smoothly and leaves a shiny finish. This ultra-creamy product has complete coverage, a semi-lustrous finish, a smooth glide, and a powerful color payoff.

The pigmentation and wear of MAC lipstick often depend on the finish, which is available in several finishes. The sheer finishes, like Lustres, typically have sheer coverage (as intended), do not dry out, and only last for a few hours.

MAC Strip Down Lip gloss collection

Most matte colors are pretty pigmented and long-wearing, while some are drying. Older matte shades have a stiffer, dryer texture, while newer ones have a velvetier, silicone-like feel, and the latter are creamier, more pleasant to wear, and easier to apply.

Deeper, richer colors tend to last longer in amplified and satin finishes due to their excellent pigmentation, light-to-color creamy consistency, and a hint of shine. The Frost and Metallic finishes have the most comprehensive color range, with semi-opaque to opaque coverage, average wear, and formulations ranging from not drying to mildly drying. Although there is no perceptible taste, all MAC lipsticks have a vanilla aroma.

MAC Liptensity Smoked Almond & Marsala

The Liptensity line is designed to be the most pigmented lipstick by M.A.C. to date, and it joins the brand’s 14 existing finishes permanently (along with six limited edition colors). It incorporates pre-saturated pigment with a clear base to prevent the original color from fading over time due to changes in our body chemistry. To guarantee the accuracy of the color, Seaberg, whose job was to adjust the shades, put the formula to the test both in and out of direct sunlight. I do not know about you, but this sounds like a breakthrough to me as someone who has witnessed the discrepancy between the color payoff of lipsticks on the hand and lips (I do not feel comfortable applying testers to my face).

MAC Liptensity

Because of the extraordinary Liptensity line, even the product’s design had to undergo significant revision. The box that houses the lipstick has the shade names scribble on it (as opposed to having them printe on it). Moreover, the lipstick tube appears thinner than usual and is constructe of a matte, smooth substance that is comfortable to hold.

Moreover, the bullet has concaved corners and a flat top, marking the second departure from the company’s distinctive diagonal tip following the Sheen Supreme line, to my knowledge. Although it is the first of its kind in M.A.C. history, “Wild Megalast Lipstick” uses the same mold; hence, it is not a company trademark. However, the bullet’s shape bothers me because it makes it difficult to draw a perfect line. If it is not broken, do not fix it, as they say.

Smoked Almond

Smoked Almond, one of the most praised colors in this collection, has not received any unfavorable reviews (though there are not many for the entire line), and it is easy to see why.

MAC Liptensity Smoked Almond

First, people with fair or medium skin tones will find the color pleasing. This or toast and butter were my two options, although the latter made me look much tanner than I already did. My skin tone looks fantastic with smoked almonds. This vibrant rose-brownish color pigmented the lips, giving them a delicious sheen with just a little tug. Due to its thick consistency, it applies like a matte but has a satin finish. I had a scab on the bottom left corner of my lip, but you cannot tell from the photo because the lipstick completely hides it, encasing it like a second skin.

mac liptensity smoked almond

Smoked almond does not settle into lip creases while moisturizing and has an emollient effect, although it is prone to transfer and may create noticeable streaks after several hours of usage.


MAC Liptensity Marsala

When I first swatched Marsala, it appeared to be a darker variation of Heaux, and I was compell to buy it because I adore Heaux. In just one swipe, it provides a rich color payoff and applies glossier and more buttery than Smoked Almond. Are you aware of how blotchy the majority of sheeny, berry-toned lipsticks are? Such stupidity does not exist in Marsala. While lightweight and highly moisturizing, it has a thick and consistent consistency.

MAC Liptensity  Marsala

Although it is not transfer-proof, it is a little sticky. However, if you gently dab your lips with facial tissue to remove any excess oil while keeping the intensity. You may quickly solve these issues. Please do not allow these tiny inconveniences to deter you from purchasing this beautiful hue!

If you have a lot of pink or rose-brown blushes in your collection. like NARS Amour or Charlotte Tilbury Ecstasy. They are a great every day or daytime hue to keep on hand. Once you apply a layer, it is long-lasting, does not move or scoot, and feels as light as a cat’s whisker on your cheek.

Your helpful local beauty addict,

Amanda Kristol.

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