mac 2016 collection

mac 2016 collection

Mac 2016 Collection-Introduction

mac 2016 collection- All the top-notch makeup collections are the best part of the holiday season. And top-notch makeup collections are the best part of the holiday season. And nobody—nobody! —has created a Christmas collection quite like MAC Cosmetics in the Year of Our Lord Beyoncé 2016.

The MAC brand’s most prominent and best launch is Nutcracker Sweet, which sells in late October. In fact, MAC is showering us with 45 unique holiday items and packages, while most brands give us two or three depressing eye shadow palettes.

Who can predict what exhilarating adventures may come next? Various kits invite the unexpected, and stunning colors pave the way for a creative evening. Moreover, two enchanted M.A.C. Nutcracker Sweet Face Compacts that are ridiculously beautiful sweeten those cheeks with a rosy swipe of blush. Indeed, then let it glow with Extra Dimension Skinfinish.

Mac 2016 Collection Specification

Wrap your eyes in the tastiest trio of M.A.C. Nutcracker Sweet Eye Compacts’ cool, warm, and smoky shades to immerse them in a candy-coated fantasy of sugared plum, rich caramel, dark spiced chocolate, sweet taffy pink, ripe peach, and smoky black licorice.

Mac 2016 collection Who can predict what exhilarating adventures may come next? With new M.A.C. Nutcracker Sweet Eye Bags, two eye styles invite the unexpected and set the stage for an inventive evening with cool and smokey tones.

Furthermore, the four exclusive M.A.C. Nutcracker Sweet Brush Kits—Essential, Mineralize, Basic, and Contour—indulge in the land of make-believe. A veritable paradise of appearances is at your fingertips, and the M.A.C. Magical Nutcracker Sweet Mineralize Kits are fille with the tastiest treats. Mineralize trios, which match pastel and frosty lips with the beautiful sheen of Mineralize Skinfinish, provide the perfect pinky and bare radiance.

Mac 2016 collection the new M.A.C. Nutcracker Sweet Retro Matte Kits blend traditional matte lips with Upward Lash for a luxurious appearance for the evening. In addition to this, Plummy shades and a blazing red statement each add incredible charm.

MAC’s new Nutcracker Sweet Holiday collection features everything, so let’s take a peek.

campaign of Mac 2016 Collection

1.We start with the stunning main pictures from the campaign of the Mac 2016 Collection.

The Nutcracker ballet is a popular Christmas tradition, so MAC’s interpretation should be provocative and sweet (think lots of pinks and plums) (latex, unexpected finishes).

Even so, I haven’t confirmed it, it appears to be MACs in Extreme Dimension Color Lash Mascara, which the company says will be available this winter.

shiny purple eyelid

2.How attractive is that shiny purple eyelid style?

I like how the pinky-pastel lips look with the plum eye makeup. Done correctly, color clashing.

Mac Nutcracker Sweet collection smoky plum

3.However, let’s get right to the products. Three fantastic eye makeup palettes are part of the Nutcracker Sweet collection.

The MAC 213 and 214, which are my favorites, each come with nine shadow hues in a protective case, a full-sized mirror, and a dual-ended brush. This fantastic eye palette comes in smoky plum-colored tones.

Mac Nutcracker Sweet collection Warm Eye Compact.

The Warm Eye Compact is displayed here.

Golds, greens, and neutrals, oh my!

And here is the smoky palette.

Mac Dust Eye Shadow

4.I’m currently swooning over these sweet pinks.

There are six brand-new colors of Magic Dust Eye Shadow to fall in love with if you prefer to wear eye shadow alone.

Sine, Onward March, Dance Flowers, Dance Beautiful Dainty, Rabblerouser, Dark Lullaby, and Mustache are the colors, from left to right. Mac 2016 collection They appear to be highly pigmentes and glittery, two of my all-time favorite adjectives.

Mac pink pigments Rose (baby pink glitter) and Process Magenta

5.How do you feel about pink pigments, by the way?

They are Process Magenta, an iconic MAC product making a triumphant comeback, and Rose (baby pink glitter).

eyeliner nutcracker sweet

6.Nutcracker Sweet has four new colors of MAC’s excellent Eye Kohl eyeliner.

Powersurge (ancient gold), Prunella (purple), and Feline are the colors from top to bottom, except for the pencil’s cap (black).

Mac Nutcracker Sweet extra-bold lipsticks

7.Be ready for five brand-new, extra-bold lipsticks in various finishes From Mac 2016 Collection.

Among my favorites are Leap of Pleasure, Kingdom of Sweets (cremesheen), Flamboyish (matte), Saucy Little Darling (amplified creme), and So Good for You (matte).

Mac Nutcracker Sweet Magic Dust Powder

8.These stunning items are made of magic dust powder and have stars stamp on them!

Yum Yum Yum (a delicate pink with a gold pearl) and Sweet Vision are the two hues (peach with a gold pearl).

Mac Nutcracker Sweet Face Compacts Copper

Mac Nutcracker Sweet Face CompactMac Nutcracker Sweet Face Compact peach

9.These are the Face Compacts, and I would be lost without them.

There are two color choices, copper and peach, in the Nutcracker-inspired packaging. Each one comes with an Extra Dimension Skinfinish highlighter in full size and a matching matte blush (the pan at the bottom).

Are you yet exhausted? We’re only halfway through, so gather yourself.

MAC isn’t faking this holiday sale.

Mac Nutcracker Sweet Essential Brush Kit

10.Brush kits would make the holidays the same, and Nutcracker Sweet has four to choose from.

The Essential Brush Kit includes three mini-brushes ideal for cheeks, brows, and eyelids.

Mac Nutcracker Sweet Basic Brush Kit

The Basic Brush Set contains all of the essentials for a beautiful look.

In addition to, a lovely, zipped case, this kit includes five brushes for lips, foundation, liner, eye makeup, and powder. Amazing.

Mac Nutcracker Sweet Contour Brush Kit

The Contour Brush Set is available only online and at MAC stores.

They include a spoolie for lashes and brows, two small angled brushes for powder and foundation, a flat blending brush, and a tapered brush. This is exclusively available online and at specific MAC locations; counters do not sell it.

Mac Nutcracker Sweet Mineralize Brush Kit

This is the Mineralize Brush Set, by the way.

Your blending skills will be flawless thanks to the Duo-Fibre bristles on these four brushes from MAC. Four brushes are needed for blush, foundation stippling, blending, and truly putting on the eyeshadow.

Mac Nutcracker Sweet Mineralize Kit nude

Mac Nutcracker Sweet Mineralize Kit sweet pink

11.Two Nutcracker Sweet Mineralize Kits are available, each with all the ingredients for a festive glow in Mac 2016 Collection

The kits are available in two hues: sweet pink and naked. Mineralize Lipglass, Mineralize Skinfinish highlighting powder, Also, a Mineralize Lipstick are all included with each.

Mac Nutcracker Sweet Retro Matte Kit Plum

Mac Nutcracker Sweet Retro Matte Kit Red

Mac Nutcracker Sweet Retro Matte Kit pink

12.If you prefer to avoid shiny lips, there are three Vintage Matte Kits to choose from Mac 2016 Collection

Since, I know I said three, but I only have two. I apologize; the third picture wasn’t include in the HUGE PUBLIC RELEASE I received about this collection. Anyway, Plum, red, and invisible pink are the three kits’ colors. While, each one comes with a black Upward Lash Mascara, Retro Matte Lipstick, and Retro Matte Liquid Lipcolor.

Mac Nutcracker Sweet eye kit Smoky

Mac Nutcracker Sweet eye kit plum

We are introducing the two seasonal eye kits, or “eye bags,” from MAC.

Strange name there, I see. Anyway. There are two color options: plum and smokey, each of which includes a tube of black False Lashes mascara, an Extra Dimension Eye Shadow, a Pro Longwear Paint Pot, a Technakohl Liner, and a Technakohl Pencil.

Mac Nutcracker Sweet red

Mac Nutcracker Sweet Nude

Do you enjoy small items? Feast your eyes on these:

These are the MAC Cremesheen and Dazzleglass glosses in four teeny-tiny colors from the Nutcracker, Sweet Nude, and Red Kits.

mac nutcracker sweet mini-kits for pigments and red

mac nutcracker sweet mini-kits for pigments and glitter

There are also two mini-kits for pigments and glitter.

In addition, there are two color options (Gold and Bronze). Indeed, each of which has two pigments and two glitters. YASSSSS.

mac nutcracker sweet Red and Nude Lipstick Kits

mac nutcracker sweet Red and Nude Lipstick Kits

14.The Red and Nude Lipstick Kits contain four lovely lipsticks available if you act quickly.

Lady Danger, MAC Red, Diva, and Rebel are the lipsticks includes in the Nutcracker Sweet Red Lipstick Set. Along with, the shades Whirl, Kinda Sexy, Nouvelle Vogue, and Crème Cup are included in the Nude Lipstick Set.

mac nutcracker sweet Patentpolish Kits

mac nutcracker sweet Patentpolish Kits

Are we yet worn out? Here are two patent polish kits to shake you awake, so don’t be.

Second verse, same as the first: The Patent Lip Polish kits comprise four stunning Patentpolish lip colors in the colorways above and are available in two shades (Pink and Nude).

The last two Nutcracker Sweet sets have a Viva Glam theme, so consider these charitable presents.

The Viva Glamorous Kit, which includes Ariana Grande’s Viva Glam lipstick and Lipglass in an embroidery red pouch. Also, the Viva Glam Lip Compact, which features three hues of Viva Glam lipstick, is located on the right side of the tiny compact.

Mineralize Skinfinish in Otherearthly

15.Mineralize Skinfinish in Otherearthly is my obsession:

The hues look very stunning, used independently or in a swirl. In addition, it’s a limited-edition compilation. So, I suggest grabbing Otherearthly. If I broke it, I would sob.


However, I am trying to figure out what to do with you if this isn’t the most extensive holiday collection you’ve ever seen.

Which of these kits and products interest you the most? I’m pretty enthuse about the Mineralize kits. Anyway! So, which Nutcracker treats will you be indulging in this season? Let me know in the comments.

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