The best loafers in every shape and color have almost overrun city streets this season. Everything from traditional penny loafers to lug soles with acid-green lugs has been seen. There is a style for everyone. Regardless of whether you like to adhere to the classics or like to take fashion risks.

To help you search, we’ve divided the preppy footwear trend. The ideal substitute for your favorite boots into different categories. Each choice contains both time-honored classics and avant-garde styles. For the ultimate collegiate appearance, pair them with an oversized blazer and tie. Alternatively, add an edge with a leather jacket, shoulder pads, and vibrant colors.

Tassel Loafers

Similar to the penny loafer, the tassel loafer has made several trips around the sun—nearly 70, to be exact. The tassel loafer is an as essential closet essential as the former, being just as classic but with a little more flair.

Minimal Loafers

You can select the collection of loafers without the bells and whistles for a little leaner, yet still classic, look. This season, simple loafers are the ideal non-statement piece.

Penny Loafers

The penny loafer can be the right footwear choice for you if you prefer the traditional styles. These shoes have been a mainstay in wardrobes since the 1930s and can be identified by the horizontal leather strap that crosses the middle of the shoe and has a little inlay just big enough to fit a penny. There are countless ways to wear these iconic shoes.

Driving Loafers

The driving loafer is the finest option for someone who like simple footwear. This shoe has a nearly slipper-like sensation and doesn’t pinch or require break-in. This timeless look is fantastic and a little more subtle.

Heeled Loafers

With a heeled loafer, you can elevate your appearance by one level or a few inches. They are the ideal style to dress up your professional look or add a sophisticated touch to your getting-out outfit. This shoe will make switching from day to night much easier than any other.

Slip-on Loafers

The slip-ons are a close second for the most comfortable loafer design. These choices with no backs are both stylish, comfortable and cozy. If you want to pair them with jeans for a more relaxed look or you can also pair them with a maxi skirt.

Lug Sole Loafers

Those who wish to step up their treads will find that lug sole loafers will quickly become their new favorite footwear. This style, which perfectly combines prep with punk, is useful for everyone who enjoys contrasting things.

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