glitter eyeliner

Glitter has always been more popular than any other product. And you don’t have to be a makeup expert to pull this off. You can boost the ante with only one line of eyeliner and simple glitter eyeliners. And if you want to keep your makeup simple, all you need to do to thoroughly impress your friends is switch out your black eyeliner for glittering silver. Find 10 glitter eyeliners you need for the winter in this article.

Urban Decay Heavy Metal Glitter Eyeliner

This liquid liner is a classic with an eye-catching metallic finish that makes it simple to improve any look. It can be applied alone to add a dash of glitter or over black eyeliner to create a glam appearance. It is very simple to operate thanks to the fine tip.

Half Magic Beauty Glitterpill

The makeup artist that came up with this cosmetics line and gave it its famous look is Donni Davy. This product is a hybrid of eyeliner and a glitter eyeshadow. It can be used to produce exact looks or general glitter.

Etude House Tear Eye Drop Liner

Given the name, which gives the impression that a glittering tear is poised to fall down your cheek, this glitter eyeliner is so shimmery that it practically looks moist on the skin. It’s a simple method for subtly brightening your makeup look.

Revlon So Fierce! Chrome Ink Liquid Eyeliner

Consider this eyeliner to be similar to one of those shake-activated markers you may have used in middle school. To get a dosage of metallic color that won’t dry out over time, simply dip the pen tip in the cap. Then, paint on the appearance you want.

Danessa Myricks Beauty Infinite Chrome Waterproof Micropencil Eyeliner

With this product, you can easily create the look of metallic chrome alien eyes. Even though it initially appears to be a conventional eyeliner, the colors are a dual chrome color that changes depending on the light.

Chanel Stylo Yeux Waterproof Long-Lasting Eyeliner

The metallic tones in this collection of eyeliners, available in matte and glittering colors, are well worth your money. These should be your new go-to products if you’ve been looking for golden or teal glittering eyeliner.

Make Up For Ever Aqua Resist Color Ink 24HR Waterproof Liquid Eyeliner.

There are many different colors available for this liquid liner, but the three metallic liners are a need. These sparkly liners, which come in gold, teal, or pink, will last all night.

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