Jewelry Trends 2022

Jewelry Trends  is still a brilliant spark amidst the Covid gloom that’s pervaded our lives those ultimate years. While the enterprise has confronted its truthful proportion of woes way to lockdowns and tour restrictions, it appears that evidently a lot of us are turning to jewelry – a satisfyingly for all time buy if ever there has been one – even as vacations and eating places have remained frustratingly off-limits.

We’re eagerly anticipating this year because of the recent rush of runway events. And happily, jewelry is one of the few fashion categories that can be worn throughout the year. There is no doubting the onset of the colder months, which may leave you wondering why planning for the following season is as vital as the present one. It’s never too early to begin stocking your wardrobe for the future. You can immediately start shopping for and rocking the hottest spring 2023 jewelry trends.

1. Arm Cuffs

There were some jewelry trends we weren’t expecting, much like the finest spring 2023 shoe trends (in the best way). Arm cuffs, the bicep-hugging bracelets that make everyone feel like an Amazonian warrior, were one of these trends. You can see them on the arms of models at Tory Burch, Bevza, and Kim Shui. Of course, we also saw classic cuffs, a la Michael Kors in Wonder Woman.

2. Chandelier Earrings

For 2023, chandelier earrings made a successful comeback, and we’re not at all disappointed. Next spring, go ahead and let your ears do the talking. Whether they are among the more intricate styles, like those at Markarian and Ulla Johnson, or they imitate a sleeker drop.

3. Chunky Baubles

Bigger is better, and we agree. Huge earrings from Tom Ford and thick lucite bracelets by LaQuan Smith are examples of oversized jewelry that will likely become popular party wear when you’re feeling daring.

4. Thick Chains

Larger, more obtrusive chains, similar to the C for chunky jewelry, frequently appeared on the runways of Collina Strada, Proenza Schouler, and Marine Serre. This is one of our tried-and-true methods to zhuzh up your looks for spring (and now, for that matter) in an effortlessly stylish manner.

5. Statement Pieces

The influence of ’70s and 80’s fashion has led to a rejection of delicate, almost non-existent jewelry in favor of unabashedly present jewelry. For VIP customers, this means expensive jewelry statements by independent jewelry designers like Suzanne Kalan. People want to dress up again and enjoy the past two years. For those of us with smaller wallets, there are many ways to make a statement, from colorful earrings to eye-catching sculptural rings.


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