Types of Bangs for Your Face Shape

It takes a lot of dedication to get bangs. Bangs need attention and maintenance; otherwise, your hair won’t resemble the neatly styled fringe you had when you left the hair shop. You might want to consider what kind of bangs will best suit your face shape before committing.

Baby Bangs for Oval Face Shapes

Oval face shapes can look excellent with various bang styles and are adaptable. We advise trying baby bangs, usually cut an inch above your eyebrows if you feel brave. They are stylish and unique and need not be sliced diagonally if that is not your style. If you want more movement, try a soft baby bang.

Curtain Bangs for Heart Face Shapes

Consider embracing the current hair trend of curtain bangs if you have a heart-shaped face. Most people want a middle part with a length that begins at the cheekbones. You can wear short, neat bangs or lengthy, face-framing ones.

Straight-Across Layered Bangs for Triangle Face Shapes

If your face is structured like an inverted triangle, long, layered bangs that cross the forehead look wonderful. These layers ensure the bangs won’t look too overpowering and let them extend just below your eyebrows.

Blunt Bangs for Round Face Shapes

Round faces do best with blunt bangs that are cut across. Blunt bangs assist offer some structure and definition to your face because your chin area is less defined than other face shapes. Additionally, thick and curly hair textures look good with these bangs.

Soft, Side-Swept Bangs for Diamond Face Shapes

For diamond face shapes, soft side-swept bangs are our favorites. They support the structure of the cheekbones and eyes. Before committing a more high-maintenance bang, side bangs are excellent for testing the waters. If you work out frequently or prefer not to have your hair on your face all the time, they are also quite simple to smooth back.

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