How Much to Tip Hairdresser

In a salon, a stylist’s tip should range from 15% to 20%. Here are some recommendations on how much to tip hairdressers.

New Stylist

  • In the end, it is always up to you and your satisfaction with the service how much you tip. Remember that the rules are just that—rules.
  • They are not a firm and fast rule. If you see a new stylist, 15 percent is adequate as you create a relationship with a stylist, and the number increases.

Regular Stylist

  • If you see a stylist that you have gone to before, someone with whom you have established a good relationship, 20 to 25 percent of the total cost is a good suggestion.
  • Again, this is if you are happy with the stylist’s job.
  • Base your decision on the exact amount to tip on how much work you did on the job.
  • Shampoo and cut is much less work than coloring or highlighting, which would justify a premium on the top side.
  • When hair is shampooed by someone other than the stylist, it’s a good idea to give that person some advice as well, states TODAY.
  • A small tip of a few dollars is sufficient in this case. The exact amount should be given to any other assistant assisting the stylist. This money must be delivered directly to the attendees.

When are you not satisfied with the result?

It is a difficult situation. Whether or not to tip depends on why you are not happy.

If you got what you requested but don’t like the way it looks, a tip is still in order, Good Housekeeping notes.

No information is expected if the stylist makes a mistake and needs to redo the style.

If you have already left the salon, went home, and then decided that you are not satisfied, the tip is not expected to have it fixed when you return.

Of course, if you feel you received excellent service and are excited about the result, you can always tip if you wish.

A stylist who works outside the home

  • The tipping guidelines change a bit when you go to a stylist’s home. There is less overhead for the home stylist.
  • And as a customer, you are not getting the whole salon experience you would get if you went to a salon.
  • So the general rule of thumb for tips, in this case, is less than what a stylist would tip at a traditional salon. The standard advice for the home groomer is 10 percent.

Student hairstylists

  • One great approach to minimise costs on haircuts and services is to enrol in a hairdressing academy. Your payment for these services supports the school.
  • The person who works on her hair is an unpaid student, so leaving a tip is a nice gesture that students appreciate.
  • The standard 15-20 percent tip customary in other salons is adequate for these student stylists.

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