Ways to Style A Beret : A beret is a classy, round, flat cap typically crocheted or woven. When a beret is worn correctly, this cap’s natural beauty shines through. The uniforms of numerous international organizations, mainly the armed services, include this soft-textured beauty. This post examines the chicest beret looks because these hats are always in style.

There is no proper beret style. It all depends on how you carry it. It is wrapped almost around one side of the forehead. To maintain in shape, you might also want to fluff it up. Or you might want to use bands and bobby pins to secure it firmly.

Ways to Style Beret With Short Hair

Short hair has advantages and disadvantages. We all love it since it requires less upkeep, but it may take some extra effort to style it. If you have short hair, you may just wear a cropped top, trousers, and a beret without giving it a second thought. There is no chance that this won’t work! And this haircut is ideal if you’re unsure of how to wear a leather beret. Additionally, adding sunglasses will make this outfit even more exciting.

The classic tucking style

Step1: Start by gathering all of your hair into a low ponytail and securing it with a little scrunchie or thin band.
Step2: Leave your bangs or fringes in the front if you want to make it fashionable, and then gather the rest of your hair.
Step3: Place the beret on your head with the lowest portion of the hat covering the knot.
Step4: The beret can now be properly wrapped around your head.
Step5: You can tilt it just a little bit to the left. Make sure the beret covers the hair knot.


Step1: Take a bit of hair from the front of your hair that is thicker.
Step2: Take that piece and braid it very thinly.
Step3: Place the beret on the opposite side, slanted toward the braid’s root.
Step4: To keep the braid in place, you can tuck its end behind your ears or secure it with a hair clip.

With Bangs

You might try positioning it higher on the rear of the head so that only the crown is visible from the front. This is a chic way to wear a beret in the summer. You might also consider a side pony as an alternative. Make a modest ponytail and allow your shoulders’ worth to fall to the front. You can keep your bangs in place on your forehead. On the other side of the head, position the beret.

Even a two-sided pony with the bangs in the front might work. In order to avoid detracting from the two side ponies when wearing this style, you would position your beret at the upper back of your head. You can choose between a high pony and a low pony on the sides.

With Curly Hair

The overall appearance of curly hair is distinct. You can try this style if you have thick, curly hair that does not hold its place. Take a large scrunchie or hair band and wrap it around your head from the front of your forehead to the rear. In this manner, when you wear the beret, your hair won’t project it. Place the band and the beret now. Currently, the band holds your hair, but a beret will enhance your appearance.

For curly hair, you may also attempt a Pony. Create a medium-high ponytail. You can place the beret immediately above the ponytail knot.
A messy bun will also an amazing style to go with a beret. Try it while still allowing the top of your hair to hang down in front to create a side fringe. There are now two choices for the beret. You can either wear it over the bun or completely cover it.

With Long Hair

Both sides of your hair can be braided, and you can wear the beret with the brim of the hat concealing one of your ears. This design can be slightly modified. The braids are not required. Simply create that side divider.

Wearing the beret as a hat also works wonderfully because long, straight hair is simple to care for. In the winter, a scarf will also be the ideal addition. Long hair can be worn in a low bun with a beret. The bun can support the beret and keep it in place if your hair is longer.

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