Warm Halloween Costume Ideas to Wear

Warm Halloween Costume Ideas to Wear

Since you probably planned your Halloween costume this year, your beautiful little outfit won’t work for the frigid weather expected on October 31. The unknown is worse than wearing a costume designed for 80-degree weather when it’s snowing outside. So, consider one of these warm Halloween costumes if you want to escape that unfortunate situation.

When it gets chilly outside, and you’re stranded outside, anything with fur and full-body spandex will come in handy. And contrary to popular belief, cold-weather Halloween costumes may be sexy.

If you need to change into warm-weather attire, we’ve gathered many costume options that you can put together (even last-minute!) in the section below. You may feel comfortable without giving up your entire aesthetic thanks to the main components of these ensembles, which include jackets, faux-fur coats, jeans, hats, and gloves.

Here are all the most excellent cold weather costume ideas to keep you warm this Halloween, from solo lewks to those that can easily be combined into couples costumes to group costumes.

Best Halloween Costume Ideas to Wear When October Gets V Chilly

Margot Tenenbaum from The Royal Tenenbaums

  • Margot’s trademark coat appears to be the coziest thing ever. Add some eyeliner, a Lacoste polo, a hair barret, and loafers to complete the look.


  • With the floor-length gown, headdress, and feather neckpiece, this costume will keep you toasty from head (horns?) to toe.

Little Red Riding Hood

  • In colder weather, a long crimson cloak will keep you warm. If you want to make this a couples costume, your significant other can dress as the wolf.

Storm from X-Men

  • When in doubt, if you want a costume that will make you appear and feel sexy, choose a latex bodysuit. Please don’t ask me how to use the restroom in that, though.

Cruella de Vil

  • Oversized, fluffy fur coats are essential to Cruella’s characteristic style, which is excellent news for you if you need to stay warm while wearing your costume.


  • This astronaut suit, the ultimate warm-up outfit, may even be topped off with a helmet to keep your entire body warm.


  • Dress up like a beautiful leopard with a spandex bodysuit and thigh-high black boots for a full-coverage outfit that nevertheless looks cute.

Circus Ringleader

  • If you become warm inside the party but need to bundle up when you leave, this circus costume (which includes a cropped jacket, a button-down shirt, hot pants, tights, gloves, and tall leather boots) is ideal.

Candy Wrapper

  • This costume checks every requirement for a humorous, punny, plain, and comfortable outfit.


  • Put on a Halloween-themed onesie and call it a day if you want to be the coziest (and warmest) person at the party.

Daenerys Targaryen from Game of Thrones

  • If you dress up as one of Daenerys’ floor-length fur coats, you’ll be SO warm (and if you want your spouse to be just as toasty, have them dress as Jon Snow).

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