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We’re doubling down on the ’90s hair trends that began to resurface throughout the summer for autumn 2022 hair trends. There are now twice as many butterfly clips as there were previously. Ginger Spice-orange has become Auburn. More transitional hues, including as warm caramel highlights, vivid coppers, shadow roots, and “brondes,” are becoming more popular hair trends, but that doesn’t mean we should play it safe. Bolder individuals are experimenting with two-tone hair and moodier hues like hazy purples and pinks with a Barbie-inspired tint.

With heat, light, and chlorine water, summer can be hard on hair. By the time the leaves begin to turn, you can have strands that are worn down. Consequently, now is the ideal moment for a hair refresh.
We can refresh the sun-bleached color or attempt new styles that won’t just be pulled up into a ponytail to avoid hot flushes now that it’s a little cooler. Or, if you really want to start over, shave off all of your summer hair.

Sliced Bob

According to a number of our stylists, this ultra-sleek, geometric bob (also known as the sliced bob) will be the style this season. It lacks any layers or gradation and is blunt. It resembles a wig almost.
The razor-sharp, shoulder-length bob is quite versatile. Since the ’90s are on our minds, we prefer this cut stick-straight with a center part, though it may also be deep side parts, with curled baby bangs, or tousled with texturizer.


When you can choose two colors, why pick only one? You can accomplish this in a few different ways: Like Megan Thee Stallion, you may choose for a crisp, high-contrast color block. Or you might use this simple two-toned appearance that indicates, Oops, I let my color get way out of control. My bad.

Hair Clips

Adding plenty of barrettes and hair clips to your hair is a playful, maximalist spin on the 90s style. The better, the chunkier, glitterier, and the more vibrant.

Natural Curls

Natural, healthy texture is in and of itself attractive. The distinct beauty of a person’s natural hair texture cannot ever be replaced. You don’t need to make a big shift; instead, you can use hair products and techniques to accentuate or nudge your natural hair texture into the vibe that you’re looking for on any given day.


In addition to Barbiecore, there is normcore and cottagecore. What is Barbiecore? Anything garish or flamboyantly pink. This subdued shade of pink is a kind of subtle nod to the happy Mattel universe. Although the long length is all traditional Barbie, the shadow roots keep it a little more understated.

Curtain Bangs

This light, face-framing cut is perfect for the fall. For those who dislike chops, curtain bangs have long been a nice solution. They are adaptable enough to be easily set aside while still being dramatic enough to give the impression that anything has changed. You decide the length, but for a flirtier appearance, keep them above the cheekbones.

Skunk Stripes

Speaking about two-tone, the color scheme of the season will be skunk stripes. Watch out for hair parts and strong, vertical hair stripes that frame each side of a person’s face.
If you want to try this trend, it’s best to arrive at the salon ready. Find the precise shades and hues you choose, as well as the thickness or thinness you want your panels to be, by doing some research.

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