Everything You Need to Know About Gel-X Manicures

Gel-X Manicures nails are renowned for their propensity to last a week or longer without breaking or cracking. On the other hand, acrylics provide the impression of long, precisely formed nails. However, the drawback of fake nails is the condition of your natural nails after you take them off.  It will leave your nails dry, brittle, fragile, and more prone to breakage.

Gel-X can help in this situation. With the strength of gel and the length of acrylics, but without harming your natural nails, you can get a new form of manicure called a “Gel-X.”

What Is a Gel-X Manicure?

Aprés Gel-X extensions are soak-off gel tips mainly developed to assure three weeks or longer of adhesion to a natural nail. It’s a quick and simple technique that enables a straightforward removal using only acetone. There is no smell, dust, or need to buff or file the natural nail excessively. The natural nail is not harmed further as the gel is applied. Additionally, a fresh set can be applied at two to three weeks without needing a fill.

Difference Between Gel-X Manicure And Acrylic Nails

Aprés Gel-X extensions are placed on the natural nail using Extend Gel (no glue) and filed to the desired shape. In contrast, acrylic nails need to be filled every two weeks and use an acrylic monomer/liquid or acrylic powder on a nail form or tip.

A Client who constantly wants a change of pattern or color of their nails benefit the most from Apres Gel-X Manicures. It works great for clients with weak nails as well. For a client who appreciates enhancements and needs an even more durable manicure, acrylic is a better choice.

Application of Gel-X Nails

STEP 1: The nail is filed and softly buffed. Apply a thin coat of pH Bonder, followed by the Non-Acidic Gel Primer, after the nail has been fitted with a tip.

STEP 2: Lightly file the interior of the Gel-X tip. Use e-file and a sanding band, paying special attention to the area that will be positioned on the nail plate.

STEP 3: Extend Gel should be applied thinly over the nail plate. Use an LED light for 30 seconds or a UV light for one minute to cure.

STEP 4: On the filed area of the Gel-X tip, dab a tiny bit of Extend Gel. Be sure to completely cover the filed area.

STEP 5: Start at the cuticle area and apply the tip to the nail. To smooth the Extend Gel, gently press the tip down toward the free edge. For 10 seconds, cure the tip with the flashlight.

STEP 6: Cure the entire hand for 30 seconds under an LED light or for one minute under a UV light after all 10 tips are done.

STEP 7: Use a hand file to shape the nail after the gel has dried.

Process for Removing Gel-X Nails

Trim the tips and then remove using acetone in the removal procedure. It takes around fifteen minutes.

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