targus piercing

Tragus piercing are getting very popular these days. A snug-fitting tragus hoop or eye-catching stud perfectly compliments previous ear piercings.”The tragus will vary in size and shape for every individual. Are you interested in having this area of your ears pierced? Here is all the information you require regarding tragus piercings.

 Where is your tragus?

Targus is the small flap of cartilage on the side of your face that covers your ear canal. Some of us have traguses that protrude more, while others have a little flap that can accommodate the earring. The way your tragus will appear with its new accessory and whether someone can see it while they’re looking at you head-on not depends on your unique anatomy.

A skilled piercer will use only a stud to pierce your tragus. Go back to your piercer in three to four months to know if your tragus has healed. You can wear a hoop after that.

How much does a tragus piercing hurt?

No cartilage piercing causes more pain than a tragus piercing, as the targus is the thickest part of the ear. But the pain is short-lived.

Are there any risks of tragus piercings?

There are hazards associated with obtaining a piercing, for sure. But when done by a specialist, getting your tragus pierced is a pretty low-risk treatment. The risk of infection and poor scarring is because of minimal blood supply.

You should see your doctor if the discomfort persists for more than a week or if it gradually gets worse. Visit your doctor immediately if the piercing begins to look or feel infected. This can result in excessive bleeding, excruciating pain, dark pus, and a warm, throbbing sensation.

How long does a tragus piercing take to heal?

Tragus piercings and most cartilage piercings typically heal in three to six months but typically take at least four months. When a piercing is fully healed, you can take an earring out for a long time and the hole won’t close up. Avoid sleeping on your side for the first two to three weeks to reduce friction in the area. Give your piercing roughly a year before removing or replacing the jewelry .

How much will it cost?

The cost of a tragus piercing entirely depends on the studio you visit because the jewellery they use varies.

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