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Spray tan is excellent for fast-turning bronze. They last longer than self-tanner and won’t harm your skin like spending time in the sun does. You must take a few crucial actions both before and after your consultation to ensure that it appears even and lasts. Let’s see how to prepare for and take care of your upcoming spray tan.

Exfoliate and Shave before tanning

You must prepare in advance if you want your spray tan to be streak-free and last longer. Exfoliation is essential for achieving a uniform spray tan since flaky or dead skin can leave scars and stains on your skin, then shave once your hair follicles have softened at the end of your shower. It’s vital to remember that shaving after getting a spray tan serves to remove the color more quickly.

Avoid Taking a Shower Before Your Session

It’s acceptable to take a shower the same day, but make sure to do it at least four hours before your appointment. After a warm shower or bath, your pores are more prominent, allowing the tanning solution to accumulate inside and produce dark-looking spots.

Remove Your Makeup Before Getting a Spray Tan

If you intend to spray tan your face as well, avoid wearing makeup throughout your spray session. When you go home and wash your face, the tanner will wash right down the drain since your foundation will function as a barrier to the substance.

Makeup-removing wipes are typically available at tanning salons, or you can bring your own. Self-tanner drops can be added daily to moisturizer to give your face the same glow as your body even if you opt not to tan your face.

Don’t Use Moisturizer and Deodorant

Deodorant may also act as a barrier to the spray tan solution, causing uneven underarms and in some cases even changing the color of the solution.

By foregoing the deodorant before your appointment, you can completely avoid this. Additionally, you should stay away from moisturizer and other oils and scents that could stick to your skin and cause uneven browning.

Wait Six to Eight Hours Before Taking Shower After Spray Tan

When you wash up, you’ll notice that the water appears murky; this is merely the cosmetic bronzing solution that was used in the tan to let the technician know where to spray. Avoid shaving or exfoliating during your initial shower. Use body wash just for gentle cleaning, then let the water run until it becomes clear.

Usually, you can go to bed after taking a shower without worrying about getting your linens dirty. To find out when you may safely tuck in without staining, speak with your technician as each solution varies.

Moisturize Every Day

Start moisturizing every day after your first shower to keep your tan looking good. Just be careful to avoid oil-based moisturizers since they might fade your tan and make you appear blotchy.

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