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A strong lip liner is the first step in creating the ideal cupid’s bow. Lip liner creates the foundation for any lip look you want, from bare pigments to vivid pink colors. You can use this technique for applying lip liner.

You can always get a beautiful cupid’s bow and an even application of makeup by using this beauty tip. Lip liner not only serves to define the area where you’ll apply lipstick, but it also helps to prevent leakage and enhance the wear of your lipstick.

How to Lip Line on Your Cupid’s Bow

Lip liner and lipstick of choice are the two things you need like the NYX Professional Makeup Smooth Whip Matte Lip Cream and the L’Oréal Paris Age Perfect Anti-Feathering Lip Liner.

STEP 1: Make an “X”

Once you’ve located your cupid’s bow, draw a straight line extending downward from the highest point of your natural lip. To form an X, repeat on the opposite side of your top lip.

STEP 2: Define the Bottom Lip

Under the X you just made, you’ll locate the exact middle of your bottom lip. To define your lower lip, draw the following line across that location. This will ensure evenness across the entire lip.

STEP 3: Make Two V’s

At both corners of your mouth, create a little lip division and join your top and bottom lips with a sideways V shape. By doing this, you can avoid your lipstick smearing.

STEP 4: Connect the Lines

To join the lines you’ve drawn in steps one through three, use brief pencil strokes. Holding the pencil upright, flat against the lip, and angling the tip upward will result in the cleanest application.

STEP 5: Finish It Off and Apply Your Lipstick

Add a coat of lipstick or a dab of lip gloss to complete your flawless cupid’s bow.

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