DIY Wall Decor Ideas

DIY Wall Decor Ideas

DIY Wall Decor Ideas: Have you ever found yourself in your house staring at an open wall and simply thinking, “Ew…”? The reason for this is that plain white walls are EW.

But it can be pretty difficult to fill that blank space on a wall, especially if it never ends and you’re concerned about choosing the wrong decor piece.

You could argue that I’ve always been here to watch out for you and that I’m now doing the same for your walls.
Plants can provide much-needed life to your space. You may also learn how to weave macrame or create art projects using everyday household items that will look beautiful in your living room (hipster looks good on you, friend).

Even though you don’t think of yourself as a DIY queen (el oh el, same), these projects’ straightforward directions will have you believing that you’ve been using a saw and painting for your whole life.

Paper Flower Wreaths

  • The best of all worlds: adult wall space meets kid’s craft time. It will be the ideal accent to that dull wall you’ve always disliked looking at if you customize the colors of the flowers to match your already-furnished room.

Circular Woven Wall Hangings

  • Let’s face it, creating these circular wall hangings doesn’t appear to be a simple DIY task. But if you sign up for the Year of Circles, you’ll have access to various tutorials and classes that will help you add these to every wall in your house. They would also make beautiful gifts.

Boho Wall Hanging

  • You can make it for far less by following these simple steps. It is precisely something I would buy online from a posh store for $200+. When they learn that you created this stunning piece, your buddies will freak out. Warning: They might ask you to make one for them as well.

Wooden Pegboard

  • This wooden pegboard is the solution if you have a HUGE wall, a lot of ideas, but no idea where to begin. You can add as many sections as you like and fill the board with all of your odd trinkets. Check out how stylish they all are together!

Shower Curtain Wall Art

  • It is one of the most cost-effective DIY tutorials you can follow. DIY projects might be expensive, depending on the tools you require.
    All you need is wood and a shower curtain to create a frame.

Wood Slat Wall

  • Use some wooden slats to give your space some depth. It will give the space a distinctive feel; otherwise, the walls would be bland.

Living Gallery Wall

  • Once you plant these little ones, your living gallery wall will flourish just as much as your general obsession with plants.
  • This one may require a little more sustained effort, but if you value your home’s life and uplifting fresh plants, it will be well worth the extra work. And if you don’t yet possess a green thumb, perhaps look at these virtually unkillable plants.

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