How can you Bake Your Face Makeup for Foundation

How can you Bake Your Face Makeup for Foundation

How can you Bake Your Face Makeup for Foundation: You before now knew how to contour and highlight your face to perfection, but what about one trick that will enhance your makeup game (especially if you have oily skin or humid weather)?

Makeup baked. For those who have forgotten, “baking” is a term and technique used for years in the drag community.

It involves applying a thick layer of translucent powder to your face and letting it sit for 5 to 10 notes so that your body heat can “bake” your foundation and concealer, giving you the creaseless, flawless makeup of your dreams.

You might be a little afraid to try this technique because it seems to require an alarmingly large amount of powder on your face, but don’t worry! Even a novice can bake their makeup and make it seem polished with the appropriate advice.

Is baking your makeup necessary?

  • Imagine baking as a million times stronger makeup setting. I’m envious of you if you only use a little concealer occasionally and avoid wearing full-coverage makeup altogether, but baking is not for you.
  • However, baking is a super-excellent step for anyone who wears full-face makeup and wants to ensure their foundation stays transfer-proof, budge-proof, crease-proof, and sweat-proof all day long.

What can I practice to bake my makeup?

  • Baking makeup would work best with a finely milled, translucent, loose-setting powder because it blends in with the skin the easiest. Avoid attempting to replace it with mineral foundation, pressed powder foundation (too thick).
  • Or HD powder (have you ever heard of the dreaded flashback?). The lighter the powder, the better because you want your makeup to look filtered and seamless rather than apparent and cakey.
  • You’ll need a moist makeup sponge or a wedge sponge to apply the powder and a soft powder makeup brush to sweep it away once it’s dry delicately.

Do you bake before or after the foundation?

  • It would help if you did this after using foundation and concealer because baking is about setting your base makeup underneath.
  • You may have seen a TikTok cosmetic tip about putting powder before foundation, but that tip is more for soaking up oil throughout the day than for baking your makeup.
  • Baking is the better option if you want to set your makeup, so it remains in place all day.

How do you bake makeup properly?

  • Let’s go over each step in detail together. Here’s how to get skin that appears to have an Instagram filter applied to it:
  • Before applying makeup, apply a layer of moisturizing eye cream.
  • It’s crucial to keep the eye area hydrated and smooth to hydrate it and reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles, but people with dry skin should pay extra attention to prevent crepey undereye bags.

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