Essentials for Working from Home

Essentials for Working from Home

You’ve undoubtedly gotten used to your “coworkers” (hello to my honey and doggo! ) and the peculiarities of working from home if you’re like me and still or always do it. Welcome to the WFH life if you’re relatively new.

You should set up your workspace to be as conducive to work as possible if you want to increase your productivity. Distractions associated with working from home can seriously prevent you from finishing your task. And if it’s not your significant other, it’s probably your bed, which always seems so inviting throughout the workweek.

LapGear Home Office

You may relax on the couch or stay in bed with a sweet small lap desk. The phone holder on this one earns extra points.

Dell Wireless Mouse

  • Let me improve your life if you still use the trackpad on your laptop outside. At this point in the work-from-home experience, a wireless mouse is a requirement, and this matte black cutie is sleek, affordable, and incredibly useful.

Cloud Desk Sculpture

  • Alexa does not need to inform you what the weather is like outside because this entertaining sculpture varies with the air pressure.

K380 Multi-Device Bluetooth Keyboard for Mac

  • Use this wireless keyboard to aestheticize your desk completely. Yes, you may also purchase a complementary mouse.

Modern Slope Upholstered Swivel Office Chair

  • Are you sick of reclining on the couch or in your kitchen chair? This exquisite, delicate pink chair is fit for a queen.

Selfie Light Ring

  • With this clip-on ring light, you can say goodbye to poor lighting during Zoom meetings.

Deco Handle Tray

  • You have to transport your food and beverages to and from the kitchen. Enter this lovely wooden tray, which you will use again for breakfast in bed.

Self-Cleaning Water Bottle

  • Do not neglect to eat and drink during breaks. Getting your eight glasses in will be more straightforward with the help of this stylish (and self-cleaning!) water bottle.

Work From Home Self Care Kit

  • We all necessity to practice self-care now more than ever, so give this whole set to a loved one or yourself.
  • It includes a facial roller, scrunchie, phone stand, bingo card for conference calls, earplugs, a webcam cover, a desk yoga guide, dry shampoo, a fidget cube, a nail file, and more.

Halo XL Humidifier & Diffuser

  • Your skin has never looked more moisturized thanks to our humidifier and essential oil diffuser (a must in any cold weather). And it smells fantastic.

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