How to Decorate Space in Your Home

How to Decorate Space in Your Home

Are you tired of your WFH location? Like our girl T-Swift, I am all too familiar with the sensation. Many of us who work from home feel that our homes are less than fabulous, especially if we live in tiny apartments, as I do. (If you have extra than one bedroom, in my opinion, you are royalty.)

Even if you spent many hours when you first moved in honing your Pinterest aesthetic, spending all of your time indoors might quickly make things feel dull.

Swap in a framed TV.

  • A photo frame that is! A television! A frame TV that is! It is how it goes: When your frame TV is on, regular TV programming is broadcast. When it’s not on, it shows a piece of art that you choose.
  • The screen has a brightness sensor that adapts to your space, so it doesn’t even appear to be a screen; instead, it merely appears to be a piece of the art enclosed in a frame whose design and color you may match to your interior decor.
  • It costs a bit more than a conventional TV of the same size (usually a few hundred dollars extra), but the beauty is worth it.
  • Additionally, since you may alter the artwork whenever you like, it will never go out of style.

Put down peel-and-stick floor tiles.

  • A space’s appearance can be significantly altered by suitable flooring. But in our day and age (is 2022 over yet? ), taking out your entire floor to install something new is not something we all have the mental energy for.
  • These floor tiles are helpful in that situation. These water-resistant vinyl tiles contain a powerful adhesive that can be pushed onto your current flooring to secure them.
  • They are offered in dozens of different colors and stylish designs. I promise that the procedure is simple. Just trail the directions on the packaging, and be prepared with a ruler and utility knife so you can cut the slates to fit around any appliances or corners.

Invest in organizing products.

  • If you’ve always spent a lot of time on OrganizationTok or The Home Edit’s Instagram page, you know there are a few essential tools you need to keep clutter under control.
  • An organized home is a happy home. Among these are turntables, risers, bins, tiered racks, canisters, and many other items. Try out the iDesign line from expert organizer Ria Safford, who has made magic in the homes of celebrities like Chrissy Teigen and Paris Hilton.

Diffuse your favorite scents.

  • Is there everything more satisfying than lighting a fresh candle or incense stick? Most likely not. You may revitalize your home without spending a fortune by just adding a new aroma to it. Oh, and extra points if the candle jar or incense holder is also aesthetically beautiful.

Use detachable wallpaper to give the walls a splash of color.

  • A practical tip for tenants: Use removable wallpaper to give your walls a splash of color. With just a few sheets, you can emphasize a wall in your living room or bedroom and give your kitchen backsplash a more contemporary appearance.

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